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Irsina, a medieval walled town, rises above rolling hills where wheat fields turn from luminous green to deep gold. It’s narrow, winding streets behind ancient walls, hold clues to its varied past with a myriad of architecture styles and art. Read More


The Lucania Living sustainable tourism project was designed to bring life back into the all but abandoned historic town centres in Basilicata. In Irsina (MT) more than forty ancient buildings have been bought by non-Italians from all over the world.

This was made possible by packages designed to introduce people to the area, arrange the viewing of properties on offer and assist them with the legalities of a purchase, ensuring they understood the details and could have trust in the process. The package also advised and provided restoration works with work and materials locally sourced, and finally after delivery offered on-going management services such as paying utility bills.

Social and cultural initiatives for the newcomers and the townspeople were organised to introduce people to one another and encourage the integration of new home owners. These included English lessons for shop owners, Italian lessons for home owners and family mentoring programmes. Lucania Living helped provide this cultural bridge that increased understanding, helped set and match expectations, and encourage change when necessary.

In 2014, the maturity of the project and those participating allowed it to become truly sustainable. Non-Italian home owners with a little encouragement and some training now have the confidence to manage their own properties and deal directly with local businesses and neighbours. A new cycle has begun as many begin to move permanently to Irsina.

This sustainable tourism project has demonstrated how non-Italian home owners can bring new energy and income to a town like Irsina, bringing their experience and appreciating what the town and region has to offer. Their investment in their homes, whether they be holiday or permanent, is at a completely different level than than of transient visitors. The benefits, both economic and social, are vast and are a win-win for all involved.

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Basilicata: A Hidden Jewel

Map of Italy showing Basilicata & Irsina  Basilicata, also known by it's ancient name Lucania, has been described as Italy's best-kept secret. It is an enchanting and unspoiled region steeped in history and where the mountains, countryside, farmland and coastlines are an appeal to anyone looking for a rustic way of life and for natural beauty.

Characteristic, historical homes with many original features are available at very affordable prices in Irsina, a pretty hilltop village steeped in history, with stunning views and just one hour from Bari airport.

Low but stable property prices may mean there is little short-term gain but also allows beautiful properties to be available at affordable prices.  Your investment will also remain a secure one in times where property prices elsewhere are tumbling.

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