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About Us

Lucania Living is a services company offering a comprehensive and honest 'no nonsense' approach to people searching for an Italian home. We facilitate contact with homeowners and local professionals to ensure that the purchase, restructuring and on-going maintenance of a property is a stress-free experience.

Lucania Living is dedicated to responsible tourism practices. We encourage supporting local businesses and traditional workmanship. We facilitate integration into the local community by helping non-Italian homeowners make friends with the locals and experience the culture and customs first hand.  The ultimate goal is that everybody benefits. Investing in Irsina isn't just buying a home, it's taking on a new lifestyle.


Our Architect: Rocchina

Rocchina lives in Irsina and is a registered architect with nearly 20 years of experience. She works in partnership with her husband, a registered engineer and her work portfolio includes extensive experience in the field of restructuring historical residential properties as well as working with the local council on the restoration projects in the historical centre of Irsina.

Our Property Manager: Becky

Becky grew-up in the London area and moved to Italy in 2003. With a law degree and a masters in European Business her professional experience includes 7 years working in a multi-national environment in both in the UK and Italy. She moved to Matera in 2007 where, along with Lucania Living, she also runs a tour operator www.myitalianjob.com for incoming holidays to the South of Italy.

Our Accountant: Mimmo

Mimmo lives in Irsina and has an Economics degree and a master in Business Management. He is a chartered accountant and has worked for 15 years in Irsina, servicing both local business and individuals. Mimmo has also been active for 10 years in an EU financed local action group, GAL Bradanica, focused on the promotion and development of Irsina and surrounding area.