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Southern Magic

Castelmezzano in Gallipoli National Park
Castelmezzano in Gallipoli National Park
Pollino National Park
Pollino National Park
Coastline of Maratea
Coastline of Maratea
Rock Churches of Matera
Rock Churches of Matera

Southern Italy

Italy has it all. Breathtaking beauty, a wonderful culture, excellent food and wine, a great climate and friendly people are just a few reasons why so many people love Italy.

The South of Italy and the region of Basilicata in particular is refreshingly under-explored and results in a reassuring feeling that the locals are still in the majority. (Click to view pop up Google map of the area.)

Whilst virtually untouched by mass tourism, Basilicata is still brimming with activities and attractions to suit all tastes. Places of interest include the pre-historic cave dwellings and world heritage site of Matera, the golden beaches and Greek ruins of Metaponto, the birth place of the Roman poet 'Horace' in Venosa, the Vulcanic lakes of Monticchio, the national parks of Pollino and Gallipoli Cognato and the crystal clear waters of Maratea... 

All this can be experienced in every way imaginable, hiking, biking, rafting, boating and flying. Or, just sitting down with a glass of local wine, a traditional dish made with an age-old recipe and soaking up the atmosphere.

Basilicata is an agricultural region that has experienced a steady stream of emigrants over the last fifty years moving abroad or to Northern Italy to find work. This, coupled with a trend in rejecting the 'old' part of town in favour for the 'new', has resulted in the depopulation of many beautiful historical centres.

The resulting lack of development has preserved not only low property prices but also the authenticity of the culture, cuisine and way of life.

Irsina is a hilltop agricultural town surrounded by a spectacular undulating countryside that alternates between wheat fields, olive groves, vineyards and woodland.

It's rich historical past can be seen in the imposing medieval fortified walls, the numerous churches and coats of arms visible above beautiful porticoes and the 13th Century cathedral, destroyed and rebuilt many times during various power struggles, which houses today what is thought to be the only surviving sculpture of the important Renaissance artist, Andrea Mantegna, of the town’s patron saint, St Eufemia.  

Irsina is a place where neighbours welcome you into their homes and proudly share their local heritage. Where wild seasonal vegetables, picked that morning, can be purchased from the boot of a farmer’s car. Where the pace of life has remained unchanged for generations.

Irsina is a place where total relaxation is possible.

Irsina Countryside

View from Irsina
View from Irsina

Getting There

Ease of access to several international airports, all services by low-cost carriers, within close proximity:

Bari: 1 hour (82 km)
Brindisi: 2 hours (177 km)
Naples: 2.5 hours (211 kms)

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