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Pricing Package and Options

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The Essential pricing package – Transparency and peace of mind

As with any old property, essential restoration and maintenance prior to moving in is fundamental in order to avoid the unpleasant complications and additional costs of a leaking roof or window. This allows you to focus on all the positive aspects of buying an historic property; the original features, the charming neighbourhood, the stunning views...

Lucania Living, together with local suppliers, has created an Essential Package for properties available, which guarantees peace of mind and provides realistic budgeting for potential buyers.
Where possible, materials will be restored and retained with the double objective of preserving the original charm of a property and maintaining attractive pricing.   

The Essential Package includes:

  • External works: Rendering and painting of exterior or restoration of brick work if possible. This benefits both the owner and the community as repopulation of the historic centre brings a visible impact. Roof repair/replacement as necessary.External Works
  • Internal works: Window frame and door restoration/replacement as necessary. Electricity, plumbing and suggested restructuring of interior to create a comfortable living space, whilst also retaining the original features and charm of the property.
  • Basic Furnishing: Based on the suggested restructuring of the interior and to permit immediate use of the property.
  • Banking, utilities and tax services: Assistance in the opening of a current account in Italy, connection of essential utilities to your property and calculation of property taxes, plus, general advice on every aspect of purchasing an Italian home. (download pdf here)

Flexibility and optionals - No home owner or property is the same

Lucania Living recognises the importance of flexibility. Each customer will have their own dreams and plans for their Italian home. Each historical property will have unique features and characteristics.

Every potential homeowner will have individual requirements depending on how often and when they use of their property. Central heating may be necessary or an additional bathroom needed. The suggested restructuring in the 'Essential Package' can be adapted to individual needs.

Each property will have original features such as antique marble floors or vaulted ceilings that, if professionally restored and not just cleaned, could become a key feature of a property. This is a personal choice and Lucania Living will facilitate optional extras with local craftsmen at competitive prices. 

Examples of optional works:

Replacing or restoring a front door   Restoring back-to-brick vaulted ceilings by removing plaster   Adding a brick and tiled kitchen, typical to the area   Central heating installation   Professional restoration of antique flooring

Additional non-inclusive costs to consider: 

Legal fees for Italian property purchases
Italian Property Taxes
Utility connection fees

Please refer to 'Buying in Italy' for further details of these costs